Young Workers

Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

May, 2016 

May 1st is the day of celebration and struggle for the working people of the world. It is the day we hold high the red flag of socialism.

By its very nature, capitalism generates and intensifies mass unemployment and poverty, national chauvinism, racism, gender inequality, environmental collapse, and war. 130 years after the events that inspired the first May Day, this day is as important as ever before in history.

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Young Communist League - Vancouver

June, 2014

There has been a troubling current in the student movement's response to the current labour dispute between the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF) and the BC Liberal government, most obvious in the June 4th "BC Student Walkout for Students." Many students view themselves as caught in middle of a battle between equally powerful and dangerous camps, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth! In every set of collective bargaining talks between the BCTF and the government since the Liberals took power in 2001, the government has been the aggressor and has made it their explicit mission to curtail and even destroy teachers' bargaining rights. 

Earlier this year their actions were ruled unconstitutional by the BC Supreme Court (and not only in the case of teachers: the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against BC legislation restricting the collective bargaining rights of health care workers in 2007!), and the government is at it again this time around. The fundamental goal of the government and its right wing agenda is to privatize the education system and to privatize health care. In Coquitlam alone, 632 teachers are getting layoff notices. One of the intentions of this act is to initiate bigger classroom sizes with fewer resources.

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Provincial Executive Committee, YCL (Ontario)

June, 2013

The inherent and insurmountable contradictions within capitalism are sharpening and have become more apparent in the current context of profound economic and environmental crisis.  One of the main symptoms of these contradictions is the “growing gap” between the “99% and the 1%”, or more precisely the majority that work, and shrinking minority that own. Consider the following:

          The global corporate class has $32 trillion hidden in off-shore tax havens.

          Canadian corporations are currently sitting on over half a trillion dollars on their balance sheets.

          In 2011, Canadian CEOs made $7.7 million on average, or 285 times more than the median Canadian wage of around $27,000 for a single earner.

          Top executive compensation at the 50 largest employers of low-wage workers – (firms like WalMart, Target and McDonald’s) – averaged $9.4 million last year.

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

May, 2013

Over the past six months, the Harper Conservative government has put in place vicious "austerity" attacks on the people of Canada by severely restricting access to Employment Insurance (EI) benefits for workers.  Young workers, already at a disadvantage in collecting EI, will be further excluded and impoverished.

Cuts to Employment Insurance are not simply a cut in federal funding to a social program.  They are cuts to a system into which all working people must directly pay into, no matter who they are, and which is intended to guarantee employment.  The working class majority, whose sweat and toil by ‘hand and brain’ has produced all the wealth in this country, are being robbed.

The federal government has built up a huge surplus of $57 billion since the mid-1990s, the result of deep cuts in benefits paid to unemployed workers and rules that prevent most unemployed workers from qualifying for benefits at all:

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Central Executive Committee, YCL-LJC

May, 2013

Capitalism IS Crisis

          868 million people globally are go hungry. Global food production can feed 1.18 times the global population.

          For every homeless person in the United States there are 5 vacant homes.

          The global corporate class has $32 trillion hidden in off-shore tax havens

          In Canada, over the last 50 years the share of taxes for individuals has gone from 50% to 92% while corporate taxes have declined from 50% to 8% of total government revenue.  We have some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the industrialized world.

          The average undergraduate student graduates with more than 30 000 dollars of debt.

          Cost of a jail cell: $250.  Cost of a homeless shelter per night: $85. Cost of supportive housing: $35.

          Almost 75% of drinking water systems on-reserve pose health and safety risks to Aboriginal communities.

          Youth unemployment hit a 30 year high during the current recession.  Unemployment among youth remains double that of the overall population.

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See the Cuban Revolution

Join the 25th Che Brigade!

Since 1993, the Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade has offered hundreds of Canadians the opportunity to join an exciting and informative 2-week tour of Cuba. Volunteers are afforded a first-hand view of the gains and victories of the Cuban Revolution through both a tour of significant historical and political locales of Cuba and by working alongside ordinary Cubans. The next Brigade leaves in Spring 2017.


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