26th Central Convention

Main Political Report on the current situation of the youth struggle, the way forward, and the contribution of the YCL-LJC



Since our 25th Central Convention held in September 2010, probably the most important new developments have been, on the one hand, the consolidation of the austerity ‘recovery’ agenda by monopoly capitalism and, on the other hand, the uneven but dynamic uprisings and social explosions of protest. This contradiction is expressing itself internationally and across Canada with the Harper Conservative attack and the emergence of new grassroots resistance struggles.

The main target of this anti social offensive of capital is the working class. It also falls heavily on youth and students, indigenous people, women, immigrants and migrants, pensioners and the elderly, farmers, the extreme poor and marginalized sections of the people, and on all those reliant on the social functions and services of capitalist states - benefits won through many decades of hard struggle.

The abolishment of democratic rights and freedoms, like accessible education, goes hand in hand with the weakening of the conditions of our class.

The corporate media is not only complicit in this attack, but plays an important role in turning the entire reality of the economic crisis upside down and making it all seem natural and irreversible, like “common sense.” However, when these conditions are viewed through the lens of class analysis, the Big Lie of “There Is No Alternative” unravels and falls apart.

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See the Cuban Revolution

Join the 25th Che Brigade!

Since 1993, the Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade has offered hundreds of Canadians the opportunity to join an exciting and informative 2-week tour of Cuba. Volunteers are afforded a first-hand view of the gains and victories of the Cuban Revolution through both a tour of significant historical and political locales of Cuba and by working alongside ordinary Cubans. The next Brigade leaves in Spring 2017.


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