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NEW DATES : September 24-25-26

Dear comrades and friends,


As you no doubt have heard, due to unexpected circumstances the Central Committee of the YCL-LJC was forced to postpone our 25th Convention, originally scheduled for May. We are now pleased to announce the new dates of the convention: Friday September 24 to Sunday September 26, to be held in Toronto. We are re-issuing the original convention call, below, which can also be found online, together with registration.

The Central Committee encourages all clubs and members to continue to meet this summer to discuss the main documents, the pre-convention discussion, and nominate delegates. As we enter an extended period of ideological mobilization, clubs and committees should compare their concrete political realities of struggle with the framework of the main convention documents and deepen discussion of the documents.


We also encourage all clubs and committees of the YCL-LJC to re-enforce their activities building the convention financially, organizationally and politically, and to broaden and deepen our engagement with friends and allies regarding the convention.


The Central Committee has struck a special committee to review and discuss the YCL-LJC Constitution as an additional item of business for the Central Convention. The committee will be reporting by early September as a special discussion bulletin.


The deadline for convention discussion bulletin #4 is July 1, 2010.


With the additional time to organize, let’s make this convention an exciting moment for the YCL-LJC and the youth struggle!


In solidarity and comradeship,




Johan Boyden

General Secretary,

YCL-LJC Central Committee






In accordance with the Constitution of the Young Communist League of Canada – Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada (YCL-LJC), the Central Committee hereby issues this call to the 25th Central Convention of the YCL-LJC to be held September 24-26 in Toronto.


This comes at a significant moment in the labour and people’s struggle, including the youth and student fight-back. In the last few months, the Harper Conservative's anti-environmental approach in Copenhagen, their dictatorial January prorogue of Parliament, and the corporate circus of the Olympic games (breaking the sham Olympic truce with a major offensive in Afghanistan) have all engendered widespread public outrage and protest by youth and students. Our discussion documents are being released immediately after the 2010 Federal budget, which is an accelerated attack on the youth and the people.


As according to Article 12 of the LJC-YCL constitution, “The Central Convention shall decide on the policies of the organization, elect the incoming Central Committee and is empowered to amend the constitution.” All members of the outgoing Central Committee shall be delegates to the Central Convention. Election of delegates to the Central Convention shall be in accordance with the following guidelines issued by the Central Committee as to basis of representation: a 2 to 1 ratio for the LJC-Q; a 3 to 1 for the rest of the YCL-LJC.


Policy development, Leadership renewal


The following convention discussion documents are being proposed by the outgoing Central Committee of the YCL-LJC for full discussion and revision. Since our last convention in 2007 was oriented towards re-founding the YCL-LJC, the major work of the Convention will be on policy and analysis of the youth and student movement, and will be completed with the adoption of the documents, as well as electing a new leadership.


In the opinion of the Outgoing CC, the question of leadership renewal and cadre development in the YCL-LJC has particular significance for this convention. In accordance with Article 11 of the constitution, the Central Committee and alternates shall be elected in such numbers and in such a manner as decided by the Central Convention, taking into account the need to promote sexual, gender, ethnic, national equality and so forth. We are proposing the size of the incoming Central Committee be set at nine full members and seven alternates, as follows:


BC: 2 members, 2 alternate

Prairies: 1 members, 1 alternate

Ontario: 3 members, 3 alternates

LJC-Q: 2 member, 1 alternate

East Coast: 1 member, 0 alternate


The Central Committee shall elect from its ranks a General Secretary, Organizer and Treasurer. It shall meet at least once a year between conventions while the Central Executive shall meet at least once every three months.


The outgoing Central Committee offers the following additional consideration of the duties and roles of a full member. A full Central Committee member comes to all meetings within reason; holds voice and vote in the committee; consists of existing cadre and leaders in the League; is locally active in the youth and student movement and their club; communicates action and decisions of the CC from membership to the CC and back; expresses a commitment to the League and the to CC collective, holds central assignments as well as assignments from other centers, and is a Rebel Youth builder.


The role and duties of an alternate member are: to be invited to all meetings without obligation; to be entitled to vote when replacing delegate; voice with attendance;

responsibility with carrying out decisions; to be prepared to take on central assignments and at the same time play a supportive local leadership role. Alternates should be prepared to assume the role of a full Central Committee member if necessary.


Discussion Bulletin


The documents enclosed are the first Discussion Bulletin. There will be at least two more issues of the Discussion Bulletin, and may be more if a sufficient number of contributions are received. The Discussion Bulletin will publish written contributions submitted by members, clubs, and committees on the Draft Political Resolution and any other matters properly before the Convention.


The Discussion Bulletin will be distributed to all members of the League, through the clubs, or in the case of members at large, through the appropriate committees. Club organizers are asked to convene special meetings of each club during the pre-convention

period to ensure energetic theoretical and political discussion of the Political Resolution

and other materials before the Convention. In select cases good friends of the YCL-LJC may also be invited to make written interventions (only members of the League who are elected delegates will have voice and vote).


Clubs as well as individuals, should develop their thinking on key questions, and express their views in the Discussion Bulletin so that all members and clubs can respond and comment.


Contributions should be sent by email to: Stephen Von Sychowski c/o This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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