Anti-communism and Vice Media : is all alternative media really progressive?

Central Executive Committee, July 24th, 2019

In an article published online on July 24th, the so-called alternative media reported on two young men, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky, both researched by the RCMP in relation with two murders that occured in BC on July 14th. Reporting on facts revealed by the Globe and Mail linking these two individuals to ultra-right, neonazi and violent groups especially, the Vice article also states that  « on Facebook, Schmegelsky also liked the Young Communist League of Victoria page » before continuing to enumerate his gun loving activities.

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La fermeture de l’Ambassade du Canada à Caracas marque un pas de plus dans les attaques impérialistes contre le Venezuela

Déclaration conjointe de la YCL-LJC et du Parti communiste du Canada, juin 2019

La Ligue de la jeunesse communiste et le Parti communiste du Canada dénoncent conjointement la fermeture de l’Ambassade du Canada au Venezuela ainsi que le chantage diplomatique ayant forcé, en corolaire, la Chancellerie du Venezuela, à fermer ses consulats de Montréal, Toronto et Vancouver par mesure de réciprocité.

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The closure of Canada’s Embassy in Caracas: a new step towards imperialist attacks on Venezuela

Joint Statement of the Communist Party and the YCL-LJC Canada, June 219

The Young Communist League and the Communist Party of Canada jointly denounce the closure of the Canadian Embassy in Venezuela and the diplomatic blackmail that forced, in corollary, the Chancellery of Venezuela, to close its consulates in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver as a measure of reciprocity.

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