Statement of the World Federation of Democratic Youth on the occasion of the International Migrants Day

The World Federation of Demcoratic Youth, on the occasion of the International Migrants Day on 18 December, expresses its solidarity with all those who are forced to leave their homeland and assures them that we will continue to struggle for a better future with prospect and dignity for all the people.
The forced migration of a person from his place, in search for better conditions and life with dignity, is a phenomenon resulted from the extended poverty, exploitation and social inequality. Despite the attempts of the ruling classes to explain this phenomenon with several causes, it is actually nothing else than the result of the exploitative nature of imperialism, a system linked to hunger, unemployment, war and destruction with the only goal to serve the interests of the imperialist powers.

The economic and social conditions that drive the migrants out of their countries make them easy target to the appetites of employers. They are one of the most vulnerable categories of workers and are often exploited as a cheap labour force. In addition, they experience racism as inequalities have contributed to the development of xenophobia and hostility.

Unity and internationalism are our own weapons in this battle. Together we will give this struggle against the system that generates fear, impoverishment, injustice and social inequality. Together we will fight imperialism until its overthrow!